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I aim to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams, organizations and communities to tap into their wisdom within and from the world around them to grow their capacity for emotional/somatic intelligence and overall resilience for navigating whatever plot twists life may bring, through: 

  • Embodied Mindfulness Classes & Workshops

  • Mindfulness-Based Resilience-Building Workshops

  • Mindful Leadership Coaching (for Greater Emotional / Relational Intelligence)

  • Mindful Navigation of Chronic Disease with Greater Ease

Embodied Mindfulness is a combination of insight meditation + gentle, mindful movement and somatic awareness practices that leverages time-honored, evidence-based techniques to help practitioners tap into a surround-sound, full-bodied state of compassionate awareness from which to access the depth of wisdom that we all have within us, coming into and through our multiple sense gates. Attuning better to these sensations, messages, and patterns and how they manifest within us through these practices, can help illuminate how we currently respond to the world around us, and help inform new, more skillful means for doing so, especially during times of change, transition, and challenge.

Contact me for more details on current and future offerings, including two upcoming deep-dive workshop series:

The Wisdom Within: Foundations of Embodied Mindfulness and Embodying Resilience: Navigating Chronic Disease with Greater Ease.

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