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50 Years of SF Pride

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Life is sweeter when you are willing to taste the whole rainbow (just ask Skittles!), and embrace the full spectrum of flavors of lived experience, even and especially those that may differ from your own: whether that be race, gender, religion, socioeconomics, politics, culture, language, orientation, identity.

There's a reason that rainbows are truly awe-inspiring phenomena to behold. Because they allow the light to fully express itself in its full array of chromatic glory.

As SF celebrates 50 Years of Pride this weekend, may we embrace this opportunity for all of us to feel seen, heard, and accepted just as we are, to feel free to live, be, and share with the world our authentically, uniquely, fully colorful, perfectly imperfect human selves.

May it be possible, may it be so.

[Art credits: Honeybears by Fnnch @ SFLGBT Center, Rainbow by unknown street chalk artist]

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