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A Socially Distant St. Patty's Day

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Oh, the irony of the SF COVID curfew

The day before St Patty's;

Though the parade had long

been cancelled for sure,

this ensures that the day and night would be far more demure.

But instead of feeling indignation,

can we cultivate reverence for

all of human civilization?

These stark orders help protect the lives

of not just you and me,

But the broader swath

of global humanity.

So even without formal St. Patty's plans, or

debauchery among all those green beer fans;

Think we could still score the luck

Of the Irish in our favor, in our hands?

To reverse the spread of COVID

And be something of which we soon are rid.

That would be far better than any pot of gold or rainbow,

To be able to end the fear, mass suffering and sorrow.

May it be so, and to that end,

please stay socially distant,

but emotionally close, my friend.

I'll see ya on the flipside,

Which I'm confident we'll get to

If we take it all in stride.

And please for everyone's sake,

just stay inside!

[Image credit: @SRESproductions]

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