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Beyond "Never Forget"

Reflecting on that fateful day, and upon those who have fallen. Those who fell so that we may rise up.

May we never forget -- and never forget to honor -- those who made the ultimate sacrifice then, and every day for the 20 years since, so that so many of us here and around the world may continue to live and thrive, more freely. 🙏🏼

From @kkellyyoga (h/t to my sangha sista, @margiyoung for sharing): "#beyondneverforget is a call to action to reckon with and remember not just what happened that day, but all of the injustice and resilience that are a part of our complicated history-from colonization to slavery to mass incarceration to the war on terror. And it is an invitation to do something different – to honor the legacy of all those we have lost – not through more violence and war - but through a reprioritization of our values and actions so we can build a well-being that takes care of everyone. Our future survival depends on it."




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