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Cognitive (& Sensory) Dissonance

Mother Nature seems to have a funny way of helping you still see and sense the awe amidst what may otherwise feel apocalyptic.

For example, I remember that 9/11/2001 in NYC was actually one of the most gorgeous days there that year weather-wise, and yet, we had just witnessed, and were living in the aftermath of a brutal act of terrorism, and it felt like the world as we had known it had ended that day. Or at least parts of it -- our youthful innocence being among the first to go, to be replaced by an ongoing sense of vigilance.

Today, in SF, we're surrounded by wildfires in the Bay Area, initiated by extremely rare lightning storms in an unprecedented heat wave in a month that is typically known more for its impenetrable fog and lack of sun than it is for excessive heat. All amidst a global pandemic of epic proportions that continues to rage on and particularly ravage the US and CA, plus the continuous cocktail of economic uncertainty, political instability, racial injustice and violence. A tragic combo of people losing their lives, their livelihoods, their minds, their "cool" and their power (both electrical and otherwise). 2020 has been an exceptional year of ongoing provocation, injustice and vigilance.

Yes, the Bay Area is on fire. Yes, the air is smoky. But the sky right now happens to look and smell like applewood smoked bacon, and that proves to me that Mother Nature is both a foodie and a witty comedienne. Thanks madam, for the momentary magic, amidst the mayhem.

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