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Cupid, Not COVID

Hey Universe!

I asked for a visit of Cupid's bow and arrow. Not a pandemic of Covid's terror and sorrow, Tearing apart much of the moral fabric of humanity Upending any modicum of sanity. This ain't the first time your hardness of hearing Has had dire consequences, leaving much of planet completely leering and fearing. Might I request a Force Quit, a Factory Reset? Maybe back a decade, when there was still hope, change, and even appreciation For facts and science, competent collaboration To reign in global crises and foster peace across the United Nations? Our current leadership void Is causing too many to feel like little more Than a Paranoid Android Valentine's Day may have come and gone, But can you still spare some extra love and care, widely in the air To help guide us through this darkness towards a more united, new dawn? And while you're at it, make it STAT. Please and thank you.

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