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Curved Reflections (1/2): Flattening & Embracing Curves

#FlattentheCurve the scientists said,

Do your part to distance, stay inside

So that fewer people will be dead.

Many complied, seeing it as their duty,

Others scowled about the hits to their street cred,

Or their plans on Spring Break to get unruly.

Claiming they'd only stop plans…

"over my dead body."

Oh my, is it lost on you,

the incredible irony?

Still others fought back, claiming a widespread hoax

But do you really think that the entire world

would voluntarily grind to a halt

Just for early April Fool's Jokes?

Only time can truly tell

who the real #Covidiots shall be,

Emerging (or not) from this trying spell.

Then on the flip side…

#EmbraceYourCurves, the feminists

have been more vocal in saying,

Now messages of self-love replacing

the constant drumbeat of self-criticism

That nonstop in my head

for a lifetime had been playing.

For a moment, I wonder whether

these two curved messages compete,

Even while in the zeitgeist,

They remain on repeat?

[Though at the moment, one much louder than the other.]

But then I realize they are actually

Far more compatible (than not)

While on the surface, the first

may seem quite inflexible,

while the other more fluid,

Really, both are rooted in compassion,

For each other and the greater good.

Being on the #Quaranteam

should be a matter of civic pride

Upholding our respect for the safety

of others, and frontline workers

Is not something we should hide.

And if in the process of

Gym- and germ-avoiding,

panic-baking & -eating,

we happen to notice

our weight increasing;

So be it….pounds can be shed,

But unlike waistlines and plans,

Lives cannot be recovered

(once pronounced dead).

So in this time of great plot swerves

Is it the worst thing if we happen to

Gain ourselves some extra curves

(Whether on our bodies or journeys)?

The way I see it, it all

Just gives us more to embrace….

Whether change, pounds or wrinkles

Can we bring ourselves to face

them as invaluable deposits in the jar

of a life lived fully and presently

Rather than an endless race to afar?

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