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Expect the Unexpected

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Sunday’s early AM thunderstorm tirade through the Bay Area was a much needed reminder on a few fronts: (1) to expect the unexpected, (2) to be willing to go with the flow and (3) to savor the surprises that may arise in life.  I was rudely awakened at 3:59 AM simultaneously by the buzz of SF Emergency alerts notifying us of a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 4:15 am, and also by the major sonic booms and lightning strikes of said thunderstorm.I was so disoriented and convinced I must be dreaming -- it doesn’t rain in SF in August, much less storm with lightning and thunder! Not to mention, it was NOT mentioned at all in the Sunday forecast I read on Saturday evening. So, how could it be?? Weather Forecast gods, you let us down. My indignation continued when the thunderstorm not only failed to end 16 mins later, but continued lurking ominously overhead for several more hours, well into the morning and early afternoon, forcing me to reschedule my plans to head out on a stroll to the farmer’s market.  Another friend, miffed by the forecast snafu, and in disbelief that it could possibly rain, kept her plans to go to the farmer’s market, and defiantly left home without any rain gear, confident she wouldn’t need it. Why would she? The storm was supposed to end long ago, and it *never* rains in August.  Well, turns out we both underestimated Nature and overestimated our expectations based on history. My poor friend got soaked, but ended up laughing it off, and frolicking in the rain. I ended up enjoying a quiet day in, catching up on reading and writing, perfect Lazy Sunday activities that I rarely allow myself to indulge in. So the moral of the story? (1) Expect the unexpected, especially in SF! And when presented with alternate scenarios... (2) Allow yourself to let go of rigid expectations and just go with the flow! Change course with the new info presented, or change your relationship to it. Instead of irritation, how can we infuse the new scenario with more play and creativity? (3) Savor the surprises that may arise...allow yourself to dance in the rain, enjoy the downtime and the bonus audio/light show during lockdown!

What are some ways that you try to go with the flow, even as things may be shifting or changing from your expectations or desired outcomes?



[Image credit: Gil Wilmer, in SFGate]

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