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Going Viral: An Evolution to A New Revolution

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

When I was younger, “going viral” was not at all desirable.

Back then, cases of chickenpox, flu or cold Would make people go tribal,

and isolate to maximize survival.

And then in past decade or two,  with the adoption of social media,

out of the blue, “going viral”

took on a more benign meaning,

no longer something to be feared,

but to be glorified, celebrated even!

Whether posts crafted out of pure vanity,

or those shared for their sheer insanity;

an avalanche of ideas, memes, cat vids

and weird pipe dreams started parading

into our collective consciousness.

Shifting the notion, acceptance 

of what it means to go viral. And now, in 2020, we find ourselves  at yet another inflection,

due in large part to the mass spread 

of the COVID-19 infection.

Now the term “viral” incites cringes and fear, and is even shifting preferences away 

from a once popular Mexican beer.

Which, under the circumstances,

I suppose is more clear. But upon further reflection,  I wonder whether with more

awareness and collective conviction,

we can harness this moment and 

initiate a revival of

what it means to “Go Viral”

in these times where

connection is so vital? While we focus on containing one viral

contagion through good hygiene,

distancing, and quarantine; Can we also band together to do our part 

to unleash another contagion of

practices from the heart?

While Fear, Anxiety and Pathogens may be infectious,

remember that so too can

Love, Connection, Compassion and Kindness.

So the next time you wanna fire up TikTok, 

maybe instead of copycat dance moves,

can we help inspire and spread kindness

‘round the clock, ‘round the globe,

from wherever you are, and

whatever your means or talents?

Whether it’s a poem, piece of art, positive thought,

cute pet / kid vid, or offer of service

(while still maintaining distance)?

When we retweet or forward

or post a highlight,

can we use the opportunity

to place a spotlight

on what we/others are doing

to show we’re more connected, 

more human, more united

on the front of this global fight? May this spur on the Latest Evolution

of "GoingViral" to a Global Revolution

From inciting fear to inspiring cheer.

From propagating vanity, profanity, insanity

to elevating up and amplifying our shared humanity.

So that we may not only survive, but thrive for many more decades and centuries to come. 🙏🏼💗👫👬👭

[Image credits: BBC Trending + Amnesty International]

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