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This weekend, I found myself feeling hopeful again. Vital. Vibrant. Aglow with possibility. In a way that I haven’t for at least the last 4 years.

Hopeful that our democracy -- as flawed as it is -- could still prevail and represent the will of the majority of Americans:

  • A desire to restore integrity, dignity, decency, compassion, and kindness as requirements to earn the right to occupy the highest office in the land and one of the most powerful and consequential in the world. Proving that character does, in fact, matter.

  • A desire to have our leadership represent our nation of diverse immigrants, genders, ethnicities, and fresh new energy and ideas. 

  • A desire to restore our faith in science, in data integrity, in transparency, in strategic planning and inclusive collaboration across the aisle, the country and the world.

  • A desire to mend and heal the tattered fabric of our nation, to bridge divisions that have sown far too much animosity, greed, hate, delusion and violence than ever before. 

  • A desire to show that we are more alike than we are apart, and that we are stronger together when we find ways to find common ground and unite together, as the United States of America that we insist that we are.

While I say this, I am also painfully aware of the many challenges that lie ahead -- the toxic stew of competing pandemics -- of COVID, a volatile economy, growing income inequality, racial injustice, and widespread climate disruption to name a few -- that the incoming Biden/Harris administration will inherit and need to tackle from Day 1 onwards. An incumbent president that refuses to concede or support a smooth transition of power. An uncertain future in the Senate. The list goes on and on.

Neither Biden nor Harris will be perfect, no admin ever is, and for that matter, no human ever is. But what I trust is in their ability to lead from a place of love of country and people over politics, and a deep abiding sense of duty, integrity, compassion and kindness for all Americans, and all planetary citizens.

While this may not quite have been the “Big Blue Wave” that some of us had been hoping for this year, I’m still grateful that it is a meaningful "Blue Blossoming" of a new era of hope and possibility, for us to move forward to once again earn our respect as a true global leader, ally, and force for goodwill and peace, here and abroad.

As the esteemed dharma teacher, law professor and racial justice activist, @rvmagee said, "We elected a humble healer and a warrior counselor. May we make good on the promise and possibilities of this moment. 🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🏻🙏"

And that means us, too. Our work didn't end at the ballot box, it is just beginning. It is not solely the work of Biden and Harris or their administration, it is our collective work to "heal the soul of our nation."

That begins with reaching both within and around us, to our fellow American brothers and sisters to acknowledge the divides that have kept us artificially and painfully separated instead of united, and find common ground once again. And once we have, it will take ongoing work to make good on this Blue Blossoming -- this opening of possibility, one that must be tended to realize it full potential -- soil watered, nurtured, seeds continually planted, all of it turned and mobilized towards the light. 😎☀️

Let's do this. Together, we can all blossom and thrive once again. 💪🏽💧🌱🌻🕊

[SF Mural Art by: Angela Summers, JHerren, Crystal Vielula, fnnch and Julia Barzizza & Robert Louthan]

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