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Leaning Into Uncertainty

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is a date that many of us, both here in the US, and abroad, have been waiting for a very long time. And yet, the irony is that this election year, more so than ever, we are far less likely to have a certain outcome officially decided and declared on Election Night itself, much less anytime soon.

While that fact alone is likely to induce anxiety and despair in many of us, I am reminded that 2020, if nothing else, has been a master class in navigating uncertainty -- one that feels like we all deserve PhD’s in the field of Advancing Uncertainty just for surviving! And while it may feel most pronounced and magnified in this wacky year, the truth is, we’ve always been navigating uncertainty and change, because that is, in fact, one of the only certainties in life -- that things will arise and pass away. 

So it’s with this knowledge and understanding that I go to bed tonight, Election Night Eve, enjoying the blissful ignorance of “not knowing” mind. Not knowing now, and likely not knowing for certain what the final outcome will be for awhile (though I have a strong preference for what I hope it will be). Being fully aware that tomorrow will bring us some info, and likely a lot more drama to ensue over the coming days, weeks, and maybe even months. May we all find a way to trust in the unfolding until there is a definitive outcome, and take inspiration from this poem, by Victoria Erickson:

My Advice to You

My advice to you

Is to soften

Into the discomfort.

Accept it.

Know that it’s gifting you growth.

Fuel, and grit.

Whatever it may be

that you’re claiming this year

as your desire and dream,

I wish you the comfort within the discomfort.

The stillness within the unease.

The softening within the stretch.

And mostly,

I wish you the match

that lights and revives the fire

to keep you going.

Because you can.

Keep going.

Together, with love, kindness, and compassion for your fellow human and planetary citizens, we can keep going, and help keep each marching forward, toward progress.


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