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Love in the Time of Corona

As if modern love wasn't already

Tough to master

Now Corona keeps adding layers

of complexity ever faster.

Am I being ghosted as a

Passive/aggressive "adieu"?

Or is this person "socially distancing,"

'Cause it's the right thing to do?

For those now sheltering

in close proximity,

Many relationships will be tested

On their true compatibility.

In these times of shifting rules,

Will they communicate, collaborate,

Or behave as petty fools?

It used to be that (long) distance

Would many a relationship doom

But now a sign of love

Is giving someone way more room!

Now the advent of #NetflixandChill

Is very much just that

But if the whole globe's simultaneously

getting their video fill

We'll need way more bandwidth, and stat!

But if more of us are now binging solo,

Maybe less opportunities for a silly spat?

Once, romantic currency in the past

Were chocolates, roses, diamonds

To help the love revive and last;

Have now been replaced by wipes

And hand sanitizer to kill the virus fast!

But listen up ladies and gents,

Let's not forget that the best gift

Is not material, but your full presence.

Quality time with the ones you hold dear,

Even if virtual, can raise the quotients of Kindness

and Gratitude to combat the fear.

So, as we navigate #PandemicPassion,

May we all rise and lift up

one another in compassion.

Remembering that lovingkindness

Never goes out of fashion.

[Image Credit: Illustration by Liza Donnelly]

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