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On Social Distancing

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

A reflection on COVID-19 and "Social Distancing." (With some rhyme, to boot).

According to the WHO, the pandemic is officially here. And with it, No shortage of panic, anxiety and fear. May we be reminded that the recos for “social distancing” are precautionary, No need for racism, tribalism, or xenophobia All so reactionary and wholly unnecessary. Yes, it’s wise to avoid crowded public spaces, maintain proper hygiene and physical distance To keep down the number of transmitted cases. But that need not mean we fall into complete isolation and disconnection. Because addressing one pandemic with another [loneliness] epidemic Is only destined to be a recipe for despair and desolation. Instead, may we rise up instead to the invitation To consciously connect with each other, with all of creation. Whether through phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype Or texts, emails, or even letters you type. Offering your most precious gift of time, To -- as the old AT&T ad goes -- "Reach out and touch someone" And with your words, hold them close. Offering presence & cheer to dash away the fear Letting one another know that we’re here. That we share a common humanity And we care for one another’s safety and sanity. Because in times like these, what we most need Is to know and feel we are in this together No matter region, race, politics or creed. Together we rise, divided we fall. So just take a moment to reflect, Who’s one (or more) person(s) today you can call? Then tomorrow, lather, rinse, repeat. And you will find that spreading your warmth, kindness, compassion Is a feeling (and a gift) that just can’t be beat. May we all remain safe and healthy And navigate these times with peace and ease. Together, with love and connection, I’m confident that we can open up so many more possibilities. #MoreLoveLessFear #SociallyDistantEmotionallyClose #ConsciousConnection

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