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Over the River and through the Shadows

Crossing this bridge today, I was reminded of two quotes that have helped me traverse tougher crossroads in my life (both literal and figurative):

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." -- George Addair


"The only way out is through." -- (paraphrased from) Robert Frost

So if you're feeling stuck in the shadows of doubt, I hope you'll find the courage and inspiration in these words of wisdom, or otherwise, to keep going. To be willing to turn towards and sit with the fear or tough emotions, to embrace them as part of your path, and allow yourself to keep going, digging, discovering, learning, growing. You owe it to yourself to emerge and evolve.

Just one mindful step, one mindful breath at a time. 👣 You've got this. 💪🏽

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