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Rose-colored Resistance & Resilience

Oh Mother Nature, how you continue to inspire awe 

with your mysterious might

Imparting wise lessons to us, in some ways subtle, 

in other ways, far less trite.

In ways that are simultaneously breathtaking, and heartbreaking.

A week of 12,000 dry lightning strikes 

Spawning 600+ wildfires, in Fogust no less,

Was a huge wake up call...yikes!

A reminder that even in the midst of 

modern history’s most turbulent year

One marked with the loss of many things we hold dear;

That things are still very much awry with the climate:

A planet pushed to the brink, now protesting

Her abuse at the hands of humans optimizing for profit.

Making once again our priorities abundantly clear --

That they must also include rehab’ing our relationship 

with the earth, if we hope to make it out alive from this year 

And live vibrantly, sustainably in harmony and stewardship.

And yet, last night, Mother Nature also reminded us

That amidst the tragedy there can also be beauty. 

Blessing us with this double rainbow shining bright 

against hot pink skies as the sun set into night

Temporarily infusing some magic, to replace the fright.

As I look out the window today, and all around smell and see

My surroundings dusted with a smoky, hazy pink hue

I can’t help but admire Mother Nature’s multi-tasking ability 

to grace us with this auto-filter of a rose-colored view 

even as she continues to burn, drown and choke. 

To implore all of us to take seriously 

the opportunity to become “woke”

about the climate tragedy unfolding, and what we can each do,

To mitigate further devastation for all of planetary civilization;

Inspired and spurred on by the possibility of preserving the sacred beauty

of Mother Nature in all of her resilient glory.

She’s been warning and inspiring us all along. 

Will this be the time we’ll finally unite to heed the call, 

before the fate of our shared humanity

on this planet is sealed and too far gone?






[Image credits: @fashionablya, Craig Mole Photography, Cal Fire, and @bearded4glory]

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