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Self-care Is Also Community Care

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

A reminder on this #SelfCareSunday:

Please take some time and space for some much needed self-care and compassion this weekend and this summer.

So many of us have been firing on all cylinders and overextending ourselves to juggle the extra physical, mental, and emotional baggage (not just our own, but on behalf of our loved ones and dependents, and larger movements too) that is a natural outgrowth of these complex times of intersectional pandemics of coronavirus, economic instability, racial injustice, and social/political unrest.

Yes, it's important to remain engaged, be of service, and want to move things forward and do your part to mobilize progress...but as the saying goes, "you can't pour from an empty cup" --- it's simply not sustainable to always be so "on" and running on fumes in order to do so.

So consider this your permission granted, to invite in that extra space and a slower pace from the busyness of nonstop “doing," and instead invite in the precious, sacredness of just "being" from time to time.

And see what you notice when you are liberated, even momentarily from the to-do lists and competing demands.

What is it that wants to naturally arise, unprovoked, from within you? Maybe some dormant spirit of creativity or playfulness? Maybe some introspection and new perspectives? Maybe some new ideas or pathways forward out of states of stuckness? Or maybe it's just some much needed rest to recharge for the days and weeks ahead.

Whatever it is, I hope you will be willing to grant yourself, your whole self -- your body, heart, and mind -- the space and time it needs to just "be" and recharge.

I'd love to hear what comes up for you, and/or what challenges or barriers might get in the way of creating such downtime and space for yourself? Does it seem possible? Or just a pipe dream?

Image credit: BlessTheMessy

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