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Stop In the Name of Awe!

These days, far too many of us spend the majority of our days looking down, immersed in phones or other devices, or hunched down under the heaviness of weight of the tumultuous world around us.

Consider this your Tuesday reminder to be willing to stop and look up and around. You may just be struck with awe of what can be found.

Incidentally, cultivating awe is one of the easiest, most efficient, and effective ways that research* has shown to help shift your mood, boost your immunity, expand your perspective and sense of abundance, enhance your sense of connection, belonging, humility, empathy, compassion for yourself and the world around you. And as we round out year 2 in these pandemic times, I’d say, we could all benefit from a helping, or two, or ten of all of the above, no?

So, look up, like your health -- your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health -- depends on it, because it does. :)








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