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Thank You Adversity, Hello Possibility 👋🏼

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Feeling inspired from a "New Beginnings" ceremony performed in the Lakota tradition to honor the new possibilities in bloom this Spring season and with the upcoming new moon.

Specifically, before letting go of the past and looking ahead to the future, I take this intentional pause to honor all that came before this very moment -- not only the joyful accomplishments and memories, but also the sorrowful setbacks and tragedies.

Processing, accepting it all, and in the words of Chief Phillip today, “feeling deep gratitude towards all of the adversities that have served as a springboard [for deepening my capacity for growth and resilience].

The last decade or so (and perhaps collectively, no year more so than 2020) has been nothing short of being nudged off into the deep end to trust in the unfolding, to let go of the conditioned doing, and instead be nudged to wade through the profound depths of my being, and then each time find my way back and rise above, to discover my ability to transcend to ever new levels and new heights.

Realizing that who and how I am today transpired not in spite of, but because of the plot twists along the way that have served to deepen my resourcefulness, my resilience, my insistence and persistence to turn the thorns of adversity into the petals of possibility for relating and operating in completely new ways. All while unlocking more of the depths of my innate potential along the way, too.

So cheers to plot twists, to learnings, to a growth mindset and a stubborn persistence to just keep swimming and exploring ever new depths and layers.

I’m ready to set down the heaviness of fear, anxiety and doubt.

I’m ready to leap in, lighter and liberated, into the pool of possibilities.

I’m ready to explore with deep awe, wonder, curiosity and tenacity.

I’m ready for new beginnings, while honoring my past and my present being.





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