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The Great Resurrection

On this Easter Sunday, 

Proclamations of “He Is Risen” abound;

Though I may not observe the holiday,

Much inspiration from it resounds.

As we find ourselves at this 

Point of COVID inflection,

I wonder how this moment in time

Shall be captured in History's reflection?

Will we devolve to our worst tendencies,

Shutting down cooperation out of shortsightedness,

Overlooking our interdependencies

Enabling delusion and greed,

Bringing out the worst in us?

Or, will we awaken to the truth of our interbeing,

And let go of all our toxic over-doing

To give way to more sustainable, 

Collaborative ways of being?

Will WE actually RISE this time,

And as a civilization be willing to

transform ourselves like Optimus Prime?

In this pandemic period,

How will history view our fate...

As in other eras bygone, 

Will it be considered “Great?”

Or as though we didn't have

Our priorities straight?

Indeed we have managed to emerge

Triumphant from other dark times...

There was the Great War,

Followed by the Great Depression.

And the Great Generation that, 

Through their sacrifices got us 

Through those two World Wars

And beyond, so much more.

There was the Great Recession 

Which, by the looks of it,

Will pale in comparison

To the outsized toll on human health

And public/private wealth,

Now disproportionately tragic,

Stemming from this unprecedentedly

Widespread global pandemic.

But while those from periods past had 

No shortage of trials, loss and pain,

They were able to emerge 

Far stronger once again.

Though it remains to be seen

How we may emerge from this,

And what it may all mean?

Will it be memorialized as the Great Disruption?

Or later, with hindsight, prized

As the Great Resurrection; 

Just as Jesus from death, or from

The Ashes with new determination,

An enlightened Phoenix can rise?

May we do justice to the sacrifices of our ancestors and to the futures of our generations to come. May we all rise up together, towards the better angels of our nature. 🙏🏼💗🌟🌍

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