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To What End? Reflections On Time, Space & Place (2/2)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

...Consider: what’s the rush

To return to our harried ways

That by day’s end, left most of

Our spirits and bodies feeling crushed?

Were our old ways even serving?

Is the past even all that deserving

Of all of its glorification?

Sure, I’d prefer a world of

less fear, suffering, more liberation.

But if we’re honest, our pre-COVID world

Was far from ideal for most of Creation.

Yes, of course, I look forward to

resuming some aspects of normalcy

Moving about the world more freely

With more things to do, people to see.

But now, with this additional time,

This forced pause for reflection,

My hope is we can use it wisely

To co-create with intention

A more just, peaceful, equal world,

Not just some lofty aspiration.

But utilizing all our best minds, and

All the tech, issue experts

To actually mobilize and launch a world

With more hugs, less hurt,

More expression, less oppression,

More abundance, less insufficiency.

Not just for the 1%,

but for all of us, you and me,

out farther than the eye can see.

Setting aside our preconceived notions

of Time and Space, of what’s possible

By when, how and where,

Is there a vision that more can agree on,

Mobilize behind, to keep iterating

Our civilization into new ways of being,

That actually honors our interbeing?

Not only with other humans

but all of the planet with whom we share

This one precious life, time and space

Upholding for one another maximum respect, care, and what’s most fair.

To what end?

When will it all end?

This reality that's exploitative of the many,

For the benefit of the very few;

To begin one that's regenerative

For all, forever restore and renew?




IF ever?

FOR ever?

To that end is my when and my where, for now. Who’s with me on figuring out the “how”?

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