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And just like that, finally, the transition is now officially blessed to be underway by the long overdue click of a button in the GSA….

1) The sun is finally, officially setting in this country on this angry orange authoritarian nightmare -- this vicious 4 year “scary-go-round” marked by greed, hate, delusion, division, violence and grave injustice….

2) A transition that ushers in the return of some healing light of unity, integrity, inclusion, compassion, kindness and humanity…

3)...To pave the way for the most diverse administration in history to hit the ground running ASAP to rescue the nation from the parallel pandemics of COVID, climate disruption, racial injustice, geopolitical unrest; and rehabilitate and improve upon the American Dream to work for every American of every walk of life -- every gender, every race, every ethnicity, every expression.

Uniting together again as one nation, and as one planetary collective, knowing that we are stronger and can shine brighter together when we can embrace our diversity and change that moves us closer in the direction of our nation’s ideals of tolerance, acceptance, equality, love and light.


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