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We Can Be Heroes

America has a hero obsession. Just look at the explosion over the last decade plus of DC / Marvel Comic movie franchises, not to mention all of the heroes and she-roes of eras bygone.

But why glorify and consolidate that hero-like power into just one or a few fictional characters or entities?

Why not empower ourselves instead to find and unleash our heroes and she-roes within?

We’ve always had this innate capacity, but this pandemic is giving us a great excuse to recognize and mobilize it!

It’s never been easier for an everyday person to become a (s)hero. No capes or gravity- or death-defying powers needed to save lives. Just:


Wash your hands.


Wear a mask.


Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance.


Stay at home if you can.


Check on family, friends, neighbors.


Support local orgs and communities as and when you are able, through your time, talents or other resources.


Extend kindness and compassion to whomever you may meet, for they may be fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Let’s be the (s)heroes that we've been waiting for. The ones we've always been, but may not have always allowed ourselves to be. The ones that empower ourselves and others to step into and unleash their inner (s)hero powers to maximize everyone's divine right to survive and thrive.

And if we do, to paraphrase David Bowie:

"We can be after day

We can beat [COVID], day after day

We can be heroes...forever and ever

What do you say?"

[Image Credit: "Dreamer" by Karl Read via Amplifier]

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