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Winter Solstice Wishes

As we witness this shortest day,

And longest winter night,

And begin the shift into

Longer days of ever more light;

As we head into this holiday season

Seeking warmth and good fortune,

May we reflect on where we've been,

Where we currently are,

And where we're going;

As a reminder that we all eventually pass Through the 3 Dharma Gates:

Of Suffering

Of Joy

And of Compassion.

2020 has gifted us an abundance of suffering on so many levels, but that doesn't mean we can't also experience and share an abundance of joy as we reflect on all that we still have (even if vastly different from our expectations or our sense of "normal"), and that we can't also meet it all -- the full spectrum of experiences from the pleasant, the downright unpleasant, and the just merely "meh" or neutral -- with an abundance of compassion for ourselves and those around us. 🤗

Despite all the restrictions, limitations and heartbreak of this year, there is often still so much warmth and light to be grateful for, if we allow ourselves to seek it out and bask in it -- if nothing else, a sense of pride for surviving this most unprecedentedly chaotic of years, and constantly finding new ways to adapt and evolve to our ever shifting circumstances. Cheers to us and for these opportunities for continued learning, growth, and building our resilience. 💪🏽

And cheers to many more days in the weeks and year ahead that will be all the more merry, light and bright, because of our deepening wells of resilience, joy and compassion. 🥂

Wishing you all the best for this Winter Solstice and a warm safe, and healthy Holiday Season! 🤗🌲🌟

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