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Breaking Open to Break Through

Updated: May 21, 2022

Sometimes you need to break (down / open) in order to have a break through. When we feel ourselves on the verge of burnout, we often think it’s because we’re doing too much. Which is sometimes true. But more often than not, it's because we're not doing enough of what truly brings us joy and makes us feel truly alive. So yes, take that break. And, while you’re doing so, be willing to examine and potentially break open / away from your habitual patterns of doing things, and shift into potentially new ways of relating to them that bring more meaning and purpose to what you’re already doing. And/or consider shifting and evolving what you’re doing to ensure you're intentionally making space for and including enough of the things that bring you joy, nourishment, wholeness, and vitality. And just as importantly, allow yourself the time and space to feel the full spectrum – the breadth and depth – of emotions. Not just the ones that are deemed socially appropriate or desirable, i.e., the lighter, pleasing pastels, or more eye-catching bold neon ones, but even the darker ones lurking deeper within. To allow yourself to touch and be touched. To move and be moved by the depths of the blues and the waves of that full, surround-sound experience that can be so powerful to help you reconnect with the depths of your authentic heart and soul. To paraphrase the artist Banksy: "If/when you get tired, learn to rest, not quit." Because you’ll need that restorative downtime to recharge, reinvigorate the spirit and reignite that flame within to keep going and realizing your fully vibrant, colorful, multi-faceted potential. Don’t be afraid of the breaks, the break downs, and break(ing) away from societal norms / expectations. They may just be what gives you the space and permission to build back intentionally and authentically in ways that bring you back to life, back to your true, authentic self, and help you fall back in love with this one, special, precious life that we have to savor its magic and experience it all with wonder, curiosity and awe. Yes, even in all of its sometimes messy, broken glory. Because, as Frou Frou sings, "there's beauty in the breakdown...."

(This is dedicated to all those who may be navigating complex transitions and circumstances, on levels both micro and macro, in this messy, broken world. And especially honoring those navigating the breakdown of systems and protections and having to intentionally fight to uphold and rebuild structures to preserve civil rights, human rights, sovereignty and democracy during these tumultuous, imperiled times. 🙏🏼❤️)

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