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Choose Your Adventure: 6 Feet Apart, Or Under?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

As I witness some people eschewing the distancing and mask-wearing measures with cavalier disregard, and others clamoring for their freedom to choose how to live...or not ("Give me liberty or give me death!"), I’m wondering if we need to punch this messaging up a couple notches 👊🏼, to align with the gravity of the situation, while also giving folks what they want, a choice:

Instead of just “Stay 6 feet apart,” how about:


1️⃣ Stay 6 feet apart and wear protective gear, not out of fear but to keep yourself safe and those you hold dear


2️⃣ Prepare yourself / your loved ones to remain long-term asunder, or worse, be buried 6 feet under.

So what’ll it be? 6 feet apart? Or 6 feet under? Your choice.”

[For extra flair, add on a real-time counter of lives lost to COVID-19.]

Too alarmist? Too dramatic? (Too multi-syllabic?) 🤔🤨

Well to that, I say, dramatic times call for dramatic measures. ⚠️😷

Praying all beings stay safe, healthy, and maintain a healthy respect for science, expertise, rules, and one another, so we can all have a chance of making it to the other side in stride, sooner vs later. 🙏🏼

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