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New Rules: No Fools

[As #CancelCulture has become all the rage (and we adjust to new rules under our new normal), why not put it to good use and just cancel #AprilFoolsDay this year?]

New Rules: No Fools?

As March comes to a close, another month

(and quarter) has come and gone.

One that was supposed to mark

the beginning of a new season’s dawn.

One of new possibilities,

instead has been punctuated

more by stark casualties.

Of massive proportions on various fronts,

with the economy and public health

taking the biggest brunts.

So in this context I wanna say,

that maybe this year we consider

retiring April Fools' Day?

Of course, I’m a fan of good humor

and dry sarcastic wit.

Something we need more of these days,

in fact, waaaay more of it.

It’s just that in this era of Fake News,

with skepticism and doubt

already sown so widespread;

Such grave consequences under this ruse,

Because of those sick in the head,

now leaving too many dead.

It’s in this context that I am reluctant

to promote more acts of shock or disbelief.

In an already weary world filled with such dread,

What we most need is some hope and belief.

Belief in the greater good,

in humanity, and of

the prospect of relief.

So instead of a day of committing

silly pranks that ignite shock and fear,

can we instead rally the masses

behind committing more random acts of kindness?

For those all around us, both far and near?

Increasing the quotients of humor, compassion,

and plenty of laughter.

So that together, we can all very soon,

be able to celebrate a post-COVID


[Image Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash]

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