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Curved Reflections, (2/2): "Respect the Curve"

The link between #FlattenTheCurve and #EmbraceYourCurves goes beyond Compassion. It’s really about Respect. As in #RespectTheCurve, which to me, means: ☆ #RespectTheScience that projects the scenarios of this pandemic’s rise (or hopefully its quick demise). • Respect the science that has brought us modern medicine that has and will continue to save and extend countless lives. • The same science that brought you the tech that you can’t live without -- the ability to stream anything at all, on a screen big or small, in your pocket, on your desk, or on the wall. • The same science that allows you to choose what you project online, or what you reject. • All at the click of a button, at the speed of light, you can opt to share something wholesome, or instead pick a petty fight. • The same science that forecasts the weather, upon which you make or change plans, optimizing so outcomes may be better. ☆ #RespectDiversity of thought, opinions that may differ from your own. • We live in times too defined by the binary, when most of reality, nature, the universe is far more fluid, to the contrary. While some impose small boxes, or rigid straight lines, we’d be better served if we could just open our minds. • To a curvier plane of possibilities, that can all be real and true, even if they may not align with the lived experience of you. • So instead of denying the existence, or right to exist of, diverse perspectives, races, shapes, orientations, can we be open to alternate views, instead of provoking altercations? ☆ #RespectUncertainty. Far too many expect, that life must operate on a linear path; else, how could it possibly be correct? • Holding no tolerance for any deviations. But if instead of the hate, could we cultivate appreciation and humbling for the growth afforded when life's curve balls send us fumbling? • Think of the new discoveries on this scenic route, that on your life resume you'll be able to tout. • Instead of "why is this happening to me, consider, "what is this this trying to teach me?" • Indeed, we'd all do well to take time to reflect: Instead of spiting COVID-19, ask,"why are you here, what do you wish me to glean?" #FlattenTheCurve #EmbraceTheCurves #RespectTheCurve #RespectTheScience #RespectDiversity #RespectUncertainty #StayHomeSaveLives

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