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Green Is The New Black

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Can't remember the last time I was as excited to see so many neon green polka dots and single digit numbers all over the city as I was this morning. Ah, the simple (yet oh so critical) pleasures in life, not to be taken for granted.

Proving once again that:

• "Green is the new black," and

• Less is more (quality over quantity!)

For those of you still struggling with fires, smoke, haze and poor air quality, my heart goes out to you. Or even those bearing the brunt of the hurricanes right now. Or COVID, or racial injustice, or any of the myriad catastrophic challenges that 2020 has thrown our way.

But may this be a reminder of how quickly things can shift for the better. And may it all shift for the better for everyone, very very soon.

Sending healing Metta and Tonglen wishes to all.


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