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I AM…(Ubuntu)



I am….

I am still, physically.

I am in motion, mentally.

My heart heavy, emotionally. 

My productivity, creativity

At times unleashed, 

Other times handicapped,

Feeling halfway deceased.

I am calm, centered, 

I am distracted, scattered...

I am anxious, I am grieving

I am heavy, I am light

Sometimes rooted like a tree,

Other times a bird ready for flight.

I am determined, I am empowered,

I am up for whatever to win this fight.

This new frontier of terror that's taken up 

Our globe, and away most of our rights, 

To move about and carry on freely

Hopefully, only temporarily.

I am angry, I am skeptical.

I am tender, I am mindful.

I am heartbroken, yet still heartful; 

And yet, somehow, still glass-half-full.

I am lots of things. 

Most of them simultaneously. 

And I am sensing that most of you

May also be feeling like me. 

Which just means that 

I am you, you are me.

We are all so interwoven

In this delicate fabric of humanity. 

One small speck on Mother Earth,

An even smaller one in the Galaxy.


I am, because you are. 

You are, because I am. 

We all are, because of them.

They will be (or won't) because of us.

I am...

I am...

I am...

But mostly, I still AM. 

And for that, I am grateful.


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