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Isn’t She Lovely?

“Isn't she looooooovely?

Isn't she wonnnnnderrrrrfullll?

Isn't she preeeeeeecious?”

Why yes, she -- Mother Nature -- is. Today, when the sun returned, and the air cleared for the first time in weeks, we were reminded of how truly precious and gorgeous she, and this city of 48 hills by the Bay, can truly be. Blue waters, under clear blue skies, as it should be. 😍

Also a reminder that good lighting (sun!) and a good clean lens (sans fire ash) are key to making your subject shine. 🌟

So, thanks to the weather gods for letting the sun come out to play today, and the smoke in the air scatter away, so we could be blessed with this pic-worthy fall day in the Bay. 😎

May we all fall back in love with nature in such a way that we’ll never take it for granted it again, and want to preserve it for the continued wellbeing of ourselves, and of future generations of all planetary beings.


[Lyrics by Stevie Wonder, Landscapes by Mother Earth]

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