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Mother [Earth] Knows Best

I’ve read a few posts that go like so: “What if it turns out that we’re the virus, and corona is the vaccine?” Or “Maybe this is Earth issuing us an eviction notice” [for being bad planetary tenants].

Which then makes me wonder if this is like Mother Earth invoking the mother of all threats in her righteously indignant maternal tone: “I brought you into existence, and I won’t hesitate to take you out of it.” Punishing us for our egregiously toxic behavior, disrespecting and threatening not only to our species, but all fellow planetary inhabitants. So it's on this, that today I reflect... Mother [Earth] Knows Best She’s been kind to put us on notice, give us this probation; Will we rise to the occasion to rest, reflect, shift, Towards large-scale behavior adaptation? Or, will we as humans continue to operate from our narcissistic, ego-driven ways; Degrading our one shared home, and accelerating progress toward the End of Days? Either way, I generally believe that Mothers Know Best… And that for a reprieve We must nourish, hydrate and rest. So even if 'til now, we’ve been slow to learn or listen Can we finally answer and heed the call This once, in order to extend and improve quality of life for all? Sentient beings, near and far, and everywhere between, All those tall and small And both seen and unseen. So remember this now: Mothers really do know best, Do listen to them all With them stay connected, And answer when they call! Otherwise, don’t be surprised if/when Mama Earth pulls the plug on us all. #ListenToYourMom #MothersKnowBest #DontMessWithMotherEarth #TheresNoPlanetB

[Image credits: ReciteThis + CDC Website]

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