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Mother Earth: the OG Resilience Whisperer

Mother Earth is such an exemplar of the abundant, regenerative capacities that are both innate and possible, when we can slow down and take stock of what we have, and express gratitude for it. One thing that helps build resilience is by actively shifting from a mindset of insufficiency and insecurity to one of abundance and gratitude. Mother Earth is the master of this. After centuries of being pushed to the brink of her carrying capacity by human’s industrial production, consumption and waste generation activities, and being on the verge of collapse, she has shown that yes, she can evolve and adapt to make the most out of what she has to work with. In all of her resilient glory, doing more with less, and having her system of checks and balances with biofeedback loops to nourish and restore her capacity to hold and process it all and continue to flourish. And for us, cultivating gratitude is one way of enabling that replenishment function.


This is where Mother Earth is a multi-tasker -- simultaneously offering us many things to be grateful for, while also inspiring us to slow down to savor the captivating beauty of these gifts. The stopping power of Nature in bloom right now is reminding us to slow down and be willing to stop and smell the roses (literally and figuratively). And as things have slowed down while humans are in quarantine, we’ve seen Mother Earth’s capacity for continuing to press on and flourish…as one species is struggling to survive, it has paved the way for so many other elements to revive and thrive again, with the improving water and air quality encouraging a return of biodiversity all over the globe. So just as we are attempting to navigate this darker period of uncertainty, Mother Earth is cheering us on, demonstrating that there is the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel, if we are willing to slow down, embrace change and experiment with new beginnings and new ways of being.



@ Mother Earth

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