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New Normal, New Perspectives

Sharing The New Yorker Cartoons with some irony, and in appreciation for the possibility of a shift in energy that can come with a shift in perspective and a reframe.

It's an especially grey, cloudy, foggy day here (even by SF standards) that makes the looming threats of doom and gloom feel like they've been turned up several notches. And yet, despite being someone who generally prefers sunny, clear blue skies, and so who's had a historically challenging relationship with KarlTheFog , even I am able to find the beauty in this day. Because, after all, it is the gift of a new day, a new opportunity to experiment with and grow into new ways of being and relating to ourselves, one another, and the world around us.

At a time when we're all craving some connection and nourishing touch, I'm grateful for being blanketed and bear-hugged in a protective layer of low lying clouds, bringing with it some much needed moisture and hydration for our parched soils and souls.

What's something that you may not normally prefer, but you've been able to reframe or see in a new way in these "new normal" times?

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