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On Spring: The Gateway to New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Upon the formal arrival of Spring,

I've been humbled to bear witness to

So much evidence of The Great Turning.

While humankind is locked down in fear,

Keeping the streets, skies, water and land

Infinitely more clear,

Mother Nature seems to be flourishing

Proving its ability to persevere.

In Italy, the empty waterways have ushered in

The return of swans, fish and dolphins;

In China, the cleaner air has locals wondering

Where all this time that beautiful blue sky has been?

Could these be encouraging signs

of Mother Earth cheering us humans on,

To keep going through this cold darkness,

Towards a brighter dawn?

While also reminding us that the work left to do

Is to let go of the life that we once knew.

Just as trees shed leaves past their prime

We've got to let go of all the toxic ways

we commit planetary (and humanitary) crime.

Just as the rest of Nature regenerates

Maybe if we also slow down, let go and grow anew,

Could we also enjoy the same fate?

Evidence of this is all around us blooming

Which may seem in stark contrast to the threats to

Human life that are currently still looming.

But Spring reminds us that

Out of frigid wintry rest and repose

When one cycle ends,

An opportunity for a new one grows.

So even in death comes the

Opportunity to bring forth new life;

May we allow new healthier ways to

rise up out of all this strife.

What Mother Nature is trying to make clear

is that it's possible,

We can and will persevere.

for both Mama Warren and Mama Earth

But will history look back and say the same

For us humans, the catalyst for our rebirth?

May it be so, with the arrival of Spring,

That we be reminded and inspired of the

Prospect of a Great Reawakening.

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