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To What End? Reflections On Time, Space & Place (1/2)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

How is it that

Time can feel so slow

While also super fast?

1.5 months under lockdown

Have already passed.

With some health curves flattening,

While those jobless are increasing,

People naturally are wondering,

How much longer will this last?

The uncertainty overhead looms

Over how much longer

We’ll be forced to stay

Indoors, in our rooms

Under what conditions we’ll

Be able to safely resume life,

Under which the economy

Can once again boom?

Or under which we may

Continue to suffer more strife?

To what end?

When will it all end?




IF ever?

Multi-tasking in survival mode has

Us losing track of time

While the cloak of uncertainty

Has us feeling stuck in pause.

Desperately wanting to fast-forward

Or maybe even rewind

To days with more ease

And far less disease;

Suddenly embracing,

waxing nostalgic even

For the once-dreaded daily grind!

When can we return?

Should we return?

Or is this a time we should instead

Consider a U-turn?

A detour off of the well-worn path

In light of COVID’s aftermath?

(To be continued....)

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