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Universal Wishes

Just as the Universe expands our sense

Of time and space continuum

Can we expand our minds and hearts

To include new ways of being, relating,

In this period post-pandemonium?

Ones rooted in reverence

for all of planetary life

Seeking to liberate them all

From suffering, hopefully

Ending their strife?

So not sacrificing

The safety and sanity

Of the few for the many --

The retail workers, the mail carriers,

the front line workers --

For those of us privileged to be Stay-at-home workers.

But optimizing for the safety and wellbeing of ALL of humanity:

The unborn, the elderly, those already here,

Those forced to work on the front lines

To keep safe and alive those we hold dear.

Can we cultivate a sense of curiosity, compassion, ingenuity, a shared desire to co-create and sustain a regenerative place? That helps one another flourish, and elevates and accelerates progress towards our most universal wishes for safety, wellbeing, belonging and above all...peace and ease?

May it be possible, may it be so.

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